Maurya Vihar colony, Transport Nagar Kankarbag, Patna- 26. Bihar.

Legacy Of D.A.V  

‘History of the school’ should be a part of “About the School”. If the intended subject is ‘history of DAV’ as an organization, then the title should be “Legacy of D.A.V” with the following content

Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust AndManagement Society was founded in 1886by the socio-reformist and educationist ShriMaharshi Dayanand Saraswati.The cherished goal of this organization was to propagate the profound message of the Vedas, while equipping the student fraternity to match the global standards of education. The ingenious institution as the name aptly suggests endeavors to form a beautiful blend of our rich, varied heritage with the latest modern technology. Equipped with such a high philosophy, this noble mission took the form of a movement and swept across the country. With DAV stalwarts like Justice Meher Chand Mahajan, LalaSurajBhan,Shri Darbari Lal Jee , Dr. G.L Dutta, Prof. VedVyas, Shri G.P. Chopraji  the movement marched ahead, enlightening and guiding millions across the world.

The DAV network has grown beyond the national geographical barriers  due to the diligent efforts of the great educators and the overwhelming support that it received from all corners  D.A.V. is identified as a brand name totally committed to all round excellence. DAV is now the largest non-governmental organization having over 900 schools, colleges, medical and technical institutions and an university. Despite its enormity, DAV still functions as a closely integrated family dedicated to translating the DAV mission in every single institution in its fold. Dr. G.L. Dutta DAV Public School, Kankarbagh, is one among the standard-bearers of this noble goal and responsibility.